Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic Volume 2 Images

Readers of Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic, Volume 2, will want to check out these images as they read the chapter on the mysteries of Washington, D. C.

Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic Volume 2 Images

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Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic THE BOOK Volume II Now Available

Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic (Volume I) by Lisa Sullivan (Buy Print) / (Buy eBook/Kindle)

Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic (Volume II) by Lisa Sullivan (Buy Print) / (Buy eBook/Kindle)


Since 2012, Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic Magazine has connected people, places, and the paranormal. Volume 2 captures the major articles of 2013 in one book, including stories from Maryland, West Virginia, Washington D. C., Victorian England, and The Beyond.

You’ll meet ordinary and extraordinary people along the way – from ghostly actors still performing at century-old movie palaces to phantoms of Civil War soldiers charging through homes and frightening residents, from an ever-watchful entity refusing to leave her beloved home to a new mother refusing to give her dream home up to its unearthly inhabitants, from the haunts and mysteries of old D. C. to the embattled mythical creatures of Central Maryland. As a fun bonus, we will also explore the use of mediums and spirits in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and share some Victorian Christmas traditions.

Are you ready for some more spooky fun? Gather around, turn down the lights, and let’s discover more ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic.

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August Issue on Sale Now!

“When the audience is gone and the lights are out, the performers of yesterday take the stage.”

Those are the words of a former Executive Director of Hagerstown’s 98-year-old Maryland Theatre describing the supernatural ambiance that affects the theater’s staff to this day.

In this second article in our Haunted Theaters series, Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic explores the birth, death, and rebirth of one of Hagerstown’s most popular haunts.

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July Issue Teaser

Before Godzilla and Mothra. Before the Loch Ness Monster. Before Grendel and Grendel’s Mother. There was…

…the Snallygaster!

This month’s issue of Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic takes you to the dark side of one of America’s most famous small towns: Burkittsville, Maryland.

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June Issue on Sale Now

Is it true that every theater has ghosts? Some believe the Apollo Civic Theatre in Martinsburg, West Virginia, does.

The June issue of Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic features the theater’s early history, the prominent people responsible for its resurrection, its link to tragedy, and the ghosts that play an eternal role there. You’ll also learn about some theater superstitions and discover that a local legend has been (gulp!) debunked.

Just $3 buys you all this and more! Plus, all sales of this issue made in July will benefit the theater. Help support an important hub of community activity as it nears its 100th birthday. Get your copy today!

June Issue Teaser

The untimely death of Edgar Thorn in 1913 spurned the construction of one of West Virginia’s first motion picture theaters — the Apollo. This multi-purpose civic building in downtown Martinsburg has survived the past hundred years; however, the same cannot be said of one of its workers who haunts the celebrated theater.

The June issue of Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic kicks off a series of issues on haunted theaters in the Mid-Atlantic region. July 2013 sales of the Apollo issue benefit the Apollo Theatre in Martinsburg as an appreciation for its continued presence in the community. Get your copy here: Here’s to a hundred more years!

West Virginia Day is June 20! Montani Semper Liberi

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